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Hardware Requirements


This page is here for reference. Please do not purchase hardware intended for the Unity cluster until checking with the Unity team.

General Node Requirements

Each server purchased is required to have the following hard requirements:

  • IPMI 2.0 supported BMC with remote KVM built-in with discrete RJ45 management port
  • Physical Ports
    • VGA Port
    • USB Port
      • 10G SFP+ Port or 25G SFP28 port
        • Note: If you require higher bandwidth for your nodes, that can be discussed, but will most likely require purchasing an addition switch (see below)
      • At least 250GB boot SSD (Solid-state drive)
      • 2x redundant PSU (Power supply unit)

Each server purchased is recommended to have the following soft requirements:

  • 2x boot drive for redundancy

Storage Node Requirements

  • The storage controller should be an HBA card or a RAID card that can operate in HBA mode, since we will be using ZFS software raid.
  • At least 2 data plane (10/25G) ports for redundant connection.
  • 2x boot drives for redundancy

Network Equipment

On a case-by-case basis, it may be necessary to purchase network switches if enough hardware was purchased to span a rack.

If that is the case, each rack requires the following for the top-of-rack data switch:

  • For 10/25G Nodes Mellanox SN2410
  • For 100G Nodes Mellanox SN2700

In addition, a 1G switch is required for IPMI connection.

  • For IPMI Any 1G switch that has L2 capability (Mellanox preferred)