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Running Jobs on Multple Nodes Using MPI

This is the (simplified) sanity check that the Unity admins used to verify that MPI is working:


We recommend when running quick jobs that you put your job in a preempt partition for a shorter wait time.

srun -p cpu-preempt ...


module load openmpi
mpicc /modules/admin-resources/mpi_testing/mpi_array.c -o mpi_array
srun --pty -N 2 mpi_array


module load openmpi
mpicc /modules/admin-resources/mpi_testing/mpi_array.c -o mpi_array
sbatch -N 2 mpi_script

Where mpi_script is a file containing the following:

srun mpi_array

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use mpirun/mpiexec?

This version of Spack (openmpi ~legacylaunchers schedulers=slurm)
is installed without the mpiexec/mpirun commands to prevent
unintended performance issues. See
for more details.
If you understand the potential consequences of a misconfigured mpirun, you can
use spack to install 'openmpi+legacylaunchers' to restore the executables.
Otherwise, use srun to launch your MPI executables.

The community of HPC admins at Spack have agreed that using mpirun with slurm is a bad idea. srun is capable of doing all that mpirun is, and having the two fight over control is reported to cause poor performance. We currently have a module called openmpi+mpirun, which was installed in Spack with +legacylaunchers, enabling you to use the wrappers as you please.

Why do I get multiple outputs from my mpi aware binaries?

This is because message passing is not working. You are running duplicates of your job in parallel, which are unaware of each other. If using srun, you should make sure that you have the pseudo-terminal enabled --pty. This should not occur with sbatch.

Why do I keep getting PMIX ERROR: NO-PERMISSIONS in file?

openmpi is dependent on pmix. Our current system slurm installation was not configured with pmix support. This is evident by srun --mpi=list. pmix_v2 and pmix_v3 should be there, but they aren't. We will likely recompile slurm to accommodate this.

Why do I keep getting this OpenFabrics warning?

"No OpenFabrics connection schemes reported that they were able to be
used on a specific port.  As such, the openib BTL (OpenFabrics
support) will be disabled for this port."

We do not currently have Infiniband hardware in our network, and openmpi would like us to. You can simply add -mca btl ^ofi to your mpirun command and disable the Infiniband feature. We will likely recompile openmpi to disable this site-wide.

mpirun -mca btl ^ofi ...