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Unity OnDemand gives you access to much of Slurm's functionality without any use of the command line.

There are three main features of Unity OnDemand job management:

  • Job Composer: Customize and schedule batch jobs
  • Job Templater: Make templates from jobs and jobs from templates
  • Active Job Viewer: List jobs, kill jobs, read output files


One thing that OpenOnDemand lacks is a view of previously submitted jobs. The Active Job Viewer is based off of squeue, and a job only stays behind in squeue for 5 minutes after it is completed. (as of Jan. 2023)

Job Composer

You can open the job composer by clicking on Jobs > Job Composer or by following this link.

OOD Job Composer Button

It should open a new tab that looks like this:

OOD Job Composer

Job Templates

You can open the job templates by clicking on Job Composer > Templates or by following this link.

OOD Job Templates Button

It should change your tab to look like this:

OOD Job Templates


You might notice that the job template descriptions are displayed "literally", with unwanted <p> and <code> tags. This is a bug in OpenOnDemand and should be patched soon.

We have a number of job templates at your disposal. You can select a template and copy it to your home directory with the Copy Template button. Then a copy of that template should appear in the list with a source of My Templates rather than System Templates. You can select your copy, View Files, and edit the job. When you're satisfied, select Create New Job.

Active Jobs

You can view information on your jobs, view the output files from your jobs, and kill your jobs from the Active Jobs page. Open it by clicking Jobs > Active Jobs or by following this link

OOD Job Composer

It should change your tab to look like this:

OOD Active Jobs