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Unity Software Overview

Means of installing packages

apt package manager

The Ubuntu system package manager apt downloads its packages pre-compiled from the Ubuntu repository. These are placed in standard locations like /usr/bin so that they are always found in your $PATH. This can only be done by administrators. To avoid conflicts, most software is only available in one version. These packages will change with an (inevitable) operating system update. The admin team is trying to avoid apt installs for research computing software.

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Environment Modules

There are a wide variety of modules available with the module command. Most software requests are fulfilled here. These are compiled by the admins and are stored in /modules/apps/ or in /modules/spack/opt/spack/.

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The conda package manager allows users to compile software easily and without admin privileges. Conda environments can be created for any software set, and can be enabled/disabled dynamically not unlike modules.

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R package manager

Coming soon!

Docker (Singularity)

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