GUI Apps via OnDemand

Unity OnDemand provides "Batch Connect", which starts your software as a batch job, then connects you to your software via a VNC server. Anything that you could have run via X11 forwarding can now be run much faster and more easily through Batch Connect.

As of Jan. 2023, we provide JupyterLab, Matlab, Rstudio, Mathematica, and a XFCE, a general-purpose interactive desktop environment.

You can begin by clicking on Interactive Sessions or by following this link.

OOD Interactive Sessions Button

It should change your tab to look like this:

OOD Interactive Sessions

You can select an app from the list on the left. This should open a form. Select the resources you would like to schedule (CPU threads, time, GPU's) and leave any fields blank that you don't understand or don't care about. Then click Launch.

This should return you to My Interactive Sessions. Here, you will see your job waiting in the queue.

OOD Batch Connect Job in Queue

When it has left the queue, it will turn from Queued to Starting to Running, and a blue button should appear at the bottom of the job card. Click it to connect to your job.

OOD Batch Connect Job in Queue